Thursday , February 22 2024

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The National

The National Cross Country Championships. THE bloody NATIONAL freakin CROSS bloody COUNTRY awesome CHAMPIONSHIPS. There can’t be many other sports where you can pay your entry fee and race the national champs alongside the top competitors. Even in running we can all enter the major marathons but you’re not actually …

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London XC Championships

Surveying the carnage, big spikes and a tough day at the office. This was a tough race. A tough, tough race indeed. Parliament Hill is unforgiving and with the mud churned into oblivion by all the earlier races, it’s a slog getting round. I loved every minute. I arrived early …

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London Cross Country Championships

Cross country running? No doubt that takes you back to school where you were traipsing around in some mud wishing you were somewhere else while a demonic PE teacher shouted at you to pick those legs up. That certainly resonates with me although our cross-country running consisted of a brief …

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