Tuesday , June 18 2024

Janathon 2015 – Day 3: Worms

Mrs Dan declared that I needed to be home, showered, and ready to go out for 10am. I calculated that a 10 mile run would get me home with 20 minutes to get changed and ready for shopping duties. I plumped for the same 10 mile route that I ran last week and off I went into the light drizzle that would later turn into heavy rain.

The weather was playing merry havoc with the worm population, with hundreds of them crawling out of the ground to sprawl across the tarmac paths in the various parks that I crisscrossed. I started off by gently skipping over the sheltering worms but there were so many in the end that I probably ended up inadvertently squashing a few of them.

I ran a circuit of Pitshanger Park where the junior parkrun team were starting to set up the finish area in preparation for the kids run. I had spotted a broken bottle on one of the paths so alerted them to the potential hazard. I would have stopped myself but I was already cutting my time limit to the bone. That’s until I got home and found that Mrs Dan had gone back to bed and our shopping trip moved to 11am.

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  1. Runnning errands later due to a workout is always acceptable! Well done!

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