Sunday , May 19 2024

Hilly Fields parkrun

A merry band of Eagles took the train to Ladywell station to run at Hilly Fields parkrun. Simon was running his 100th different parkrun location to join the unofficial Cowell Club. Someone tried to find a 100 balloon but failed. Instead Simon journeyed across London and ran a parkrun with a Minions balloon. I think it was more appropriate.

I ran with Big Simon. The course was laps and it was hilly. The time flew by as we laughed at Cowell Club Simon running with his Minions balloon. After the finish he handed the balloon over to a small boy who laughed with joy when he had seen the balloon at the start.

We headed into London for a proper English breakfast as a reward. All except for poor Marc who had travelled separately to Ladywell to support Simon but left his wallet on the train and now had another train ride further down the line into Kent so he could reclaim his lost property back thanks to a good soul who had handed it in.


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