Wednesday , June 19 2024

Guildford parkrun

A struggle to run and a struggle to write a run report. It’s been a tough few weeks and my running has suffered as a result. Other Dan is still on holiday so I choose to drive down to Guildford parkrun to keep up my tourism streak. I wasn’t feeling well, my stress levels were high, and my mind kept flooding my head with perfectly reasonable reasons to stay in bed and not run. There’s plenty of people out there with problems worse than mine so dragging myself out for some healthy exercise isn’t exactly a chore.

I was surprised how undulating the course was. It’s one of those ‘seems more up than down’ routes where you know it’s balanced because the start and finish are at the same point but still everything seems uphill when you’re running. It’s a perfectly nice place with friendly locals but I was ‘head down and finish the run then go home’.


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