Saturday , July 13 2024

Maidenhead parkrun

Deep contemplation across Facebook messenger as we agreed which parkrun to visit this week. I made the helpful suggestion of “no plans other than let’s go touring somewhere new” while Other Dan plumped for Maidenhead parkrun or Aldenham parkrun because he has early plans for Sunday and didn’t fancy getting up über early both weekend mornings. Fair enough. Other Dan decided on Maidenhead and we were set for our Saturday morning timed run.

We agreed to meet by the car wash at 8:20am although no agreement on who would drive. I parked up early hoping for Other Dan to drive this week but he’d had the same thought and trumped me by running to meet me so there was no choice. Undone by his devious mind.

Clear blue skies and bright sunshine welcomed us to Braywick Park where there were plenty of car parking spaces near to the Toby Carvery. If you’re driving to this one then it’s worth noting that there’s another large car park closer to the parkrun start / finish area. Instead of turning right into the main car park, turn left in front of the Toby Carvery and follow the road round behind where there’s another large parking area. No hassle though as it’s only a couple of minutes walk from the main car park.

We joined the new runners briefing but couldn’t hear parts due to a low flying helicopter. “Watch out for the…” *HELICOPTER NOISE* “… and note the short steep hill”. Oh no! What did we need to watch out for? Vampire squirrels?  Rabbits with lightsabers? Knights who say Ni? Unfortunately we would never find out thanks to the pesky low flying helicopter.

Other Dan decided that his legs were wrecked from midweek training sessions so he would jog round with me. I decided that I am unfit and it was too hot so it really would be a slow jog this week. Thankfully the course consists of 2 laps within a beautiful woodland area that provided ample shade from the sun. We pootled the first lap before marginally increasing the speed for the second lap. I attacked the short sharp hill before heading to the finish line where I graciously let Other Dan cross the line before me. He was given token 116 while I received a hand written 117 on a scrap of paper. Someone walked off with token 117 *grrhhhhh* at a previous run so while Other Dan scanned, I had my details noted down so they could be added to the results.

We didn’t stop off at the Carvery afterwards (£3.99 for an all you can eat breakfast?!?!!?!??!) because we both had other commitments (me, get home for The Son while Other Dan planned to sit in front of the TV watching Le Tour). Some vague plans made for next week (possibly a return visit to Black Park parkrun) as we both studiously ignore the “… in a galaxy far, far away….” Lon-Done parkruns left on the other side of London.

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