Saturday , July 13 2024

Crane Park parkrun

Somewhere in a parallel universe… Bizarro Running Dan & Bizarro Other Dan talk early on Friday night to agree when and where to parkrun the next day. Both arrive early to meet before a gentle stroll towards the Crane Park parkrun start area, carefully following runners ahead of them wearing parkrun club shirts, before taking in the run briefing. Team Bizarro Dan enjoy a stress free run around the two lap course, taking extra care not to cut a corner off the course, and finish in a time just over 25 minutes.

Back in the real world… Running Dan and Other Dan muddle through a late exchange of messages with neither paying much attention to how they’re going to get there and what the course is like. Both arrive late and jog the km+ towards the  Crane Park parkrun start area while Other Dan fumbles around with his phone to make sure they’re going the right way. They spot some runners up ahead in parkrun club shirts but lose sight due to incessant chatting and then get lost on the woodland footpaths as the clock ticks past 9am. Team Dan finally discover the start line as the event team are walking back to set up the finish area.

GPS watches are hurriedly started as the event team point them in the right direction and the pair of idiots spend the next 3 minutes running as fast as they can to find parkrunners. Thankfully some nice park users point them where all the runners went and they manage to complete the 5km run in 27 minutes. Well, just over 30 official minutes once you factor in missing the start.*

Many thanks to the Crane Park parkrun team for not laughing (too much) at our idiocy and for putting on a great run. The park is beautiful and the trails wonderful to run on. I have a soft spot for the low-key events so loved this one and we’ll be back in the future to listen to the run briefing before tackling the course at full pelt.

* Oh… we did also cut a teeny tiny corner part but Other Dan realised and we went back to run it properly.

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