Saturday , July 13 2024

Dulwich parkrun

The Lon-Done parkrun train got back on track as we made a visit to Dulwich parkrun. We had earmarked this event to run a fast time at – flat tarmac course with sweeping bends – but I’m out of shape so eventually just gave into ticking it off our tourism list.

Other Dan went speeding off into the distance as I serenely made my way round at the back of the pack with some gentle overtaking as my legs warmed up. I suffered the ignominy of running square into a dog on the last lap. I managed not to fall flat on my face and thankfully the pooch didn’t snap and bite me. I still have the childhood memory scar of a dog jumping in front of my bike then biting my arm. In this instance the dog suddenly turned direction as its owner went to throw a ball and then trotted into my path giving me no chance to avoid it.

This is a fast course, probably the fastest that I’ve run. Now I just need to lose the excess pounds from around my waist, get into full fitness, and then return to bash out a new PB.

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