Sunday , May 19 2024

Harrow parkrun

I cycled to the inaugural Harrow parkrun to meet up with Other Dan and some keen Ealing Eagles parkrun tourists. We always seem to be driving around London so it was nice to have the option to get some exercise while dusting down my green credentials. Other Dan was the one who prompted me to cycle, given that he lives even closer than me, but in the end he drove due to a case of ‘Stuck in Bed’ disease.

The course is a multi-lap affair around a lovely little park. I continue to be fat & sluggish so my finish time versus effort was nothing to write home about. We joined some fellow parkrunners in the nearby Morrisons café. This is where the bike came into its own because I was there in less than a minute to order my breakfast. Other Dan wasted time driving around to face an annoying queue before being served by the slowest staff known to humankind.

Unfortunately I received a work call about a major service outage while I was eating so had to quickly finish my food before a mad cycle to the nearest tube station and I wheeled my bike onto a train home so I could get online.

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