Saturday , July 13 2024

Gadebridge parkrun

A visit to the inaugural Gadebridge parkrun for me and Other Dan. We were unprepared (as usual!) so had the fun of my satnav taking us to a close by dead-end road and not either of the nearby car parks. Still, it meant a nice stroll across the course and through the foot tunnel up to the start & finish area. This gave us a nice view of the undulating course that we would later run.

The course  starts with a loop of the surrounding park before heading under he nearby main road, through a foot tunnel, and then a loop of the larger opposite side of the park before back through the tunnel and repeat one more time. The foot tunnel is the pinch point and the marshals did a great job of using cones and announcements so that runners kept a side clear for other potential park users.

The park is definitely undulating and we caught he tail end of spring daffodil bloom on a beautifully sunny day so this was a lovely run around the park.


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