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Brooks Serpentine New Year’s Day 3K Fun Run

He needs to run his 50th parkrun to get a shirt that fits!

A family outing to Hyde Park on New Year’s Day for the Serpentine New Year’s Day 10k and 3k to cheer & take pictures of the participating Eagles (me), run the 3k (The Son), waste lots of money in Winter Wonderland (The Son), and a spot of Eagle child care (me & Mrs Dan).

I ran this event back in 2013 and set a new 10k PB at the time while The Son enjoyed the 3k outing. We were visiting family in Japan in 2014 so missed the race in near monsoon conditions.

This year I am recovering from surgery so not allowed to run. I registered The Son to run the 3k and we kept him happy with some cash and an hour to go enjoy himself on the Winter Wonderland rides. Mrs Dan was babysitting young Skye while I kept an eye of an excited Dante as their parents ran the 10k.

Mrs Dan pushed a buggy snuggled sleeping Skye to the shelter of the coffee shop while I snapped pictures of the finishing Eagles. The Son returned in time to collect his race number and I cheered him off from the start of the 3k before returning to photographer duties at the finish line. The Son was planning to take it easy but I knew he’d put in an effort if there was someone to race and he finished as 3rd boy (5th junior, I am discounting the 2 adults who raced it).

It’s a great event to run / race on New Year’s Day so thanks to Serpentine for continuing to organise a great event.

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