Wednesday , April 17 2024

Brentwood parkrun

A drive around the M25 for me and Other Dan this week to help celebrate the 100th parkrun for Simon and the 50th for Jane (both fellow Eagles). There are two car parks near to the start & finish area and we plumped for the larger one, which is next to the finish area and nearer to the café. I can’t remember how much it cost but make sure to go and pay the correct amount because wardens do go round checking on a Saturday morning.

This course goes down as one of the toughest parkrun events we have tackled; due to the nature of the course and the conditions that we faced on the day. Rain had softened and moistened and soaked and flooded and muddied parts of the course especially for us on this fine day. Added to the undulations and the hills and the twisty turn bits and it was hard going.

I jogged around with Other Dan and we chatted a bit as we admired the course. Someone later mentioned that there was a deer enclosure near the start but we were probably chatting too much to notice. As we threaded through a narrow woodland section, we noticed that there was no runners in sight in front or us and none behind either, and we wondered if we were on course. We were then confused by the appearance of another Eagle running back towards us. Even more confusion until it became clear that he was adding extra miles to his parkrun as part of his training plan.

I then *cough* accidentally splashed Other Dan as I stomped in a nearby muddy puddle. Other Dan then *double cough* accidentally splashed me back with the next puddle. Cue much *triple cough* accidental stomping through puddles round the rest of the course.

This was a tough course but we giggled our way round like naughty school boys. We both agreed that a return visit is needed in the summer.

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