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Janathon 2014 – Day 6: Get Back

Too late, long haul and this house still stands.

Our journey home wasn’t exactly the smoothest ever – but we made it. The 4th January marked the end of the Japanese New Year holiday but the 5th was a Sunday so everyone and their dog was travelling with us. Ube airport was packed and ANA were offering a couple of hundred of pounds to anyone willing to move to a Monday flight so that the long waiting list could be accommodated. No chance for us to take the offer but it caused our Tokyo flight to be delayed as luggage was removed from the hold for those that did take up the offer.

We didn’t realise the implications of the delay until we reached Tokyo Haneda airport, where we found that we missed the last bus to Tokyo Narita by 2 minutes. Cue a 40 minute bus journey to part of Tokyo that I have never heard of, and cannot remember now, and then a 30 minute train journey to Narita and lastly, a 20 minute taxi ride to our hotel. The hotel restaurant had closed so dinner consisted of whatever we could buy in the hotel gift shop.

Thankfully there was no repeat of the drama the next day and we smoothly made our was to Tokyo Narita and onto our Virgin flight to London Heathrow. Unfortunately it was one of their older planes again, where you cannot select and pause your movie, and instead all the movies start at the same time and you just flip through the channels. The food was terrible as well – Mrs Dan makes fun of me because I generally like airline food but this time it was tasteless gunk.

My Janathon effort consisted of taking walks up and down the aisles every 2 hours and performing stretches at the back of the plane. I did also go through some strength work when we made it home and tomorrow I return to running. Thankfully there is no storm damage to the house and the garden is in one piece still.

Janathon 2014:

  • Exercise completed today: stretching & strength work
  • Distance run today: 0 miles
  • Distance run so far: 43.56 miles


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