Janathon 2014 – Day 26: Boys

by Dan

I choose not to run but the end is in sight.

The cold has shifted and this has been the first time where I felt that I could run again. Mrs Dan was out for the morning at her exercise class, The Son is still recovering from his cold and I planned to head out for a gentle 2 mile run.

However, I looked out the window and the rain was lashing down and my better judgement took over. I chose not to run. For a runner that’s a hard call to make. For someone deep into marathon training that’s a bloody difficult choice to make. Rain, wind, snow and hail wouldn’t normally stop me running but I would be pushing it by making my first run back in atrocious conditions.

Instead a day was spent lounging with The Son eating take-away Nando’s, watching The Big Bang Theory together from the comfort of some big duvets on the sofa and munching on cereal as an afternoon snack (shhhsshh don’t tell Mrs Dan!).

My running kit is packed in my work bag all ready for a 5 mile jaunt tomorrow. I’ve decided to repeat the previous weeks training, since it was a lower mileage week, but that’s not a timing problem because I started my plan 3 weeks early. I’ve eaten into 2 of my ‘spare’ weeks and now have 1 extra week to play with.

Janathon 2014:

  • Exercise completed today: strength work
  • Distance run today: 0 miles
  • Distance run so far: 138.36 miles

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