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Janathon 2014 – Day 11: All You Need Is Love

Not Scrambled Eggs

The Son runs, slip & slide, no milkshake and cry havoc and let slip the children of war!

The Son didn’t seem interested in running today at Gunnersbury parkrun and said he’d just come along to watch and then eat breakfast afterwards. I asked him to run with me, because I wanted an easy run after the marathon paced effort yesterday, and he instantly said yes. Result.

We underestimated the water levels and mud on the downhill grass section so cold wet feet were lifted around the rest of the course. It was great to run with The Son because he’s always very chatty and opens up about what’s going on in his life. At home we just about get a “fine” in response to any question we ask and he cocoons himself in his bedroom.

Still no Yazoo milkshake in the cafe so I made do with a hot chocolate to go with my scrambled egg on toast. I was going to go all hipster and take a photo of my food but I was hungry and forgot. I’ve used a picture of a snorkel and some flippers instead because they would have matched the conditions.

Run logged on Jantastic and that’s my target hit for the week. I definitely sold myself a bit short this year by setting a target of 5 runs per week when my marathon training plan calls for 6 runs a week. Unfortunately I set my targets before we knew the dates for our Japan trip so wasn’t sure if I could run 6 times a week. Must man up next year.

We had to hose our legs down in the bath, to get rid of all the mud, before heading out to one of our favourite Japanese restaurants for lunch. That didn’t work out too well thanks to the waitress getting our order wrong so me and Mrs Dan received the ‘Salmon Lovers Special’ rather than the special of the day, which was cooked belly of salmon. The food was still lovely but the portion was teeny-tiny and we were both still hungry.

The restaurant had seemingly turned into a crèche as well as all the tables were dominated by families with young children. I’m all for taking kids out but not letting them run riot around the restaurant like a pack of wolves.

Janathon 2014:

  • Exercise completed today: running
  • Distance run today: 3.06 miles
  • Distance run so far: 75.53 miles

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