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parkrun #70

LSR, last parkrun, slip sliding away and the run report that never was.

Tomorrow I head out to Japan with Mrs Dan to visit her parents and to link up with The Son, who had jetted off by himself a week or so earlier. This meant that my marathon training plan was shuffled to miss a rest day and accommodate my long slow run a day early. Thankfully my training plan hit week 4, where the distance drops slightly every 4th week as a kind of recovery, so I just needed to cover 10 miles. Getting up extra early on parkrunday didn’t quite sit well but I made it and was slowly running around a windy Gunnersbury Park, planning to cover 7 miles before joining the start of parkrun for the last 3 miles.

My plan was a teeny-weeny bit out as I misjudged the time and could not make 7 miles before the start of parkrun but it was close enough for me. I ran parkrun chatting to Other Day before we pushed on for the final km to try to gain as many places as possible. This became treacherous on the last uphill grass slope thanks to the recent rain and my legs felt like they were spinning wildly in place like some sort of Looney Tunes cartoon.

We were both interested in how the first finisher had got on thanks to his notoriety on the Runners World forum, in the well commented thread about his plans to qualify for Team GB. He was first mentioned on a recent Gunnersbury parkrun weekly report and the same report writer was marked down for this week as well. I went to check but the report writer had changed and so there was no update on our aspiring Olympian.

That’s my last parkrun of 2013 completed… someone needs to start parkrun Japan!

Running Dan parkrun result:

  • parkrun time: 0:25:58
  • Garmin time: 0:25:58
  • Finish position: 89 / 181
  • Gender position: 74 / 115
  • Age category: VM40-44
  • Age grade: 52.57 %

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