Saturday , July 13 2024

London XC Championships

Surveying the carnage, big spikes and a tough day at the office.

This was a tough race. A tough, tough race indeed. Parliament Hill is unforgiving and with the mud churned into oblivion by all the earlier races, it’s a slog getting round. I loved every minute.

I arrived early to take in some of the junior races and to walk some of the course. Some kids dropped out of their race soon after the first hill while those without spikes were sliding down the first adverse camber slope. It was good to be back at Parliament Hill.

My 9mm spikes were fitted and our small team (2 men) watched our women’s team (1 woman) take on the hills and the mud. We soon lined up on the start line for the final race of the day and the first uphill section was as challenging as I remembered.

Strangely it’s the second hill that is the toughest section, as it’s deceptively steep and long compared to the ‘oh so big’ first hill. I remember cursing continually round the first 2 laps as I was lapped by the leaders twice before taking on the last lap, which I got more into and enjoyed.

This is a great race to run although the field is fast so I end up firmly placed at the back. Still, the mud and the hills are a good strength work out for the legs.

  • Gun time: 0:55:20
  • Garmin time: 0:55:21
  • Position: 283 / 289

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