Wednesday , June 19 2024

parkrun #38

The welcoming arms of Gunnersbury parkrun ushered me back into running mode and I decided to test just how much my leg has healed by aiming for a 23:30 finish time. Returning back to a relatively warm and dry UK is like making the return trip from Narnia given the poor conditions from my parkrun visits before our trip to Japan.

The Son did not fancy running today, which was not surprising as we’re only just on the cusp of dealing with our jet-lag. I was by myself and putting in a concerted 80% effort to make sure that I could get myself onto the start line of the Richmond Park Marathon.

My pacing was spot on although it felt a lot harder than expected. I guess that the enforced 4 week running break has started to make a dent into my speed and stamina. On the positive side I nailed my finish and my leg does not feel too bad, although there is still a niggling soreness from time-to-time. Roll on another week of rest before another leg injury testing parkrun.

Running Dan parkrun result:

  • parkrun time: 0:23:31
  • Garmin time: 0:23:32
  • Finish position: 72 / 234
  • Gender position: 64 / 137
  • Age category: SM35-39
  • Age grade: 57.62 %

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