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The mighty Jantastic came to a juddering halt thanks to an unwanted injury but I still had a great time setting my goals to match (number of runs and longest runs) and beat (5k time). I joined ‘the parkrun show’ team and rivalled a few team mates with similar goals and I kept my eye on their progress through each month.

I will definitely be back next year with the aim of smashing my overall score and setting new a 13.1 mile PB. I was too ambitious trying to crack my 5k time at parkrun in the freezing conditions, especially as I was deep into marathon training.

Jantastic score (overall): 91%


Jantastic: 100%

January target: 6 runs per week.

Febulous: 100%

February target: 6 runs per week with target long runs of 14, 13, 16, and 18 miles.

Marchvellous: 72%

March target: 5 runs per week with target long runs of 20, 13, 22, and 22 miles plus 5k time of 0:21:30. I failed to log a run in week 4 and recorded 0:22:11 as my 5k time.

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