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Janathon 2013 – Day 14: London Calling

The Son had a secondary school entrance exam today in central London so I was tasked with taking him to the school and then collecting him afterwards. I had taken the day off work so this meant I had several hours to myself in London. I decided to get some walking into my Janathon exercise although I still planned to run in the evening. Here is how my day went…

Walking across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern


The Shard & Tower Bridge to my left
The Shard & Tower Bridge to my left
The Globe Theatre


View from Tate Modern cafe as I sat with my apple juice and muffin


Walking by the river


Southbank Skate Park where I used to sit and watch the skateboarders in days gone by
London Eye & Big Ben
Trafalgar Square


I remember pigeons everywhere and people selling corn so you could feed them
National Portrait Gallery


I used to walk past on my way to work every morning and see mice scampering around inside. I never ate here!


Good to see at least one shop from my youth still going. Looked the same as ever inside. I bought myself a new beanie.


A trip to London *always* included a visit to Slam City Skates and Rough Trade in the basement. Sadly Rough Trade is now gone and even Slam City has lost its edge.


Moved from its old home near Tottenham Court Road and I was lucky to spot it as I weaved my way towards Denmark Street. A great graphic novel section downstairs and I stopped to leaf through some comics.


Fresh faced from university I started my first job in an office above 21 Denmark Street (sometimes known as Tin Pan Alley). Good times.


Dim Sum at New World in China Town


Met up with The Son once he finished the exam and we walked to St. Paul’s station together to take the train home.


That was my day out wandering around in central London. I was tempted to measure my walking and include that as my Janathon exercise but I have made it this far into January maintaining a consecutive running streak and I was not going to give up so easily. I laced up my running shoes when we arrived home and I went out for a gentle 5k.

Janathon 2013:

  • Exercise completed today: running
  • Distance run today:   3.48 miles
  • Distance run so far: 74.82 miles
  • Weight change so far: +0.4kg

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely virtual tour of London! I did not get there when I visited last June, so now I’ve at least had a taste. Wish I could have had a taste of that Dim Sum, ooo. (chuckled at your slight weight gain) Lovely post & good job forcing the run at the end ;-)

    • You made it to parkrun though, that’s more important than London! I have to admit that the scales have gone unused today as I do not want to face the result of all the Chinese & Japanese food the past two days.

  2. Love the photos many memories evoked with them especially the Neals Yard one as the blue red thing up the walls between the buildings was put there by my Grandad to keep the buildings from collapsing! Thanks for sharing

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