Sunday , May 19 2024

parkrun #23

Kit list for this weeks parkrun: barcode, flippers, budgie smugglers, and snorkel. All present and correct.

The Son briefly poked his arm out of his bedroom window before declaring that he was not intending to run today. I could not blame him really but I do have to commend him for making the journey with me and (briefly) stepping out of the car to cheer me past the half-way point while sheltering under an umbrella.

It was teeming down with rain and sections of Gunnersbury Park were under water while the majority of the grass area had me worried about the risk of trench foot. However, I am no Larry Lightweight and so lined up on the start line with 109 other crazy runners, a glorious bunch of dedicated volunteers, and The Son watching me from the comfort and warmth of the car.

The first downhill section across the grass was all about keeping upright rather than arse sliding down the slope. Things picked up for the tarmac path round to the half-way point where I once again concentrated on keeping my footing while waving to my one boy cheering squad. I had decided to slow down a bit this week due to the conditions and I was pacing myself at my desired 10k pace. At the final turn I put on a burst of week to overtake a couple of runners just ahead of me but my plan for a sprint finish was thwarted by the bog leading up to the finish that seemed to suck in my feet with every step.

I did not stick around after the run and was quickly seeking shelter in the car while cursing myself for not bringing some spare clothes. The front of my car seat is still caked in mud that I transferred from the back of my legs on the drive home. I do have to heartily thank the volunteers for braving the atrocious conditions, which meant that once again parkrun day could take place as normal.

Running Dan parkrun result:

  • parkrun time: 0:23:24
  • Garmin time: 0:23:25
  • Gun position: 37 / 110
  • Gender position: 32 / 76
  • Age category: SM35-39
  • Age grade: 57.91 %

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