Wednesday , June 19 2024

Good Morning

The Son is currently attending a Sunday morning class in preparation for school entrance exams that run from now until February and with an 8am start it means that we are both out bright and early. I drop him off at the school before making the short journey to Burnham Beeches where I then complete my long run.

Today the car reported a temperature of -3°C so I was wrapped in layers as I surveyed the frozen ground with my breath seemingly following me around like my own miniature cloud formation. Getting up so early on a Sunday morning is bit of a drag but once I am in my running gear and get going this is one of my favourite places and time of the day to be out. The area is full of dog walkers and they are all so friendly and without exception there is always an exchange of “good morning!” with everyone I pass. I just wish that all my runs contained such goodwill, especially from the other runners that I pass on my journey. I always try to make eye contact and at least give a brief nod but more often than not there is no response.


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