My final long run before the Ealing Half Marathon, a 10 mile Sunday morning run with the Ealing Eagles, is done & dusted so now it’s just a a few days until I toe the start line to take a crack at completing a half marathon under 2 hours for the first time. I have picked out my kit for the day, planned out how to get to the start line, and noted down my pacing just in case I am unable to latch myself onto the 2 hours pacing group.

I still plan to run this week as normal although I will lower the intensity and of course I will be with The Son at Gunnersbury parkrun on Saturday morning. That just leaves me with the final task of packing my kit bag on Saturday night and making sure my timing chip & race number are firmly clasped to their respective places.

I thought that I would have a quick Google to see if there is any news worth reading and I came across 2 little titbits:

  1. The Ealing Times reports that the local churches have given their blessing to the race even though their Sunday morning congregations will be affected by the road closures. A pasta party is being held at a church and others will be manning a drinks station at the end of the course. How cool is that? I am not an overly religious person but I will make sure to go and thank them at the end of the race. Cracking effort to see the local community supporting the race.
  2. The road closures are available online via the Ealing Council web site. I have a friend that lives on the route who was not aware that his road was going to be partially closed due to the race. I hope that this information has been sent to those local residents.

* Apparently it’s the cool & trendy thing these days to : your title.