Tuesday , April 16 2024

The Next Challlenge

Ease my way back into things now that Juneathon is over? Naaah, no chance. I cycled a loop around the edge of Richmond park on Sunday and then took on a set of tough intervals on the treadmill during my lunch break on Tuesday. I thought I was pushing myself quite hard and still comfortably beating my times for the same reps in May but afterwards I checked back through my Garmin logs to find I was mistaken and was only hitting the same time. I knew my fitness levels were much higher, and I was much lighter, so I repeated the same set again on Thursday and this time I knocked 2 minutes off my previous best.

The Ealing Half Marathon is now 13 weeks away and the organisers have posted some suitable training plans so while I was considering whether to follow the intermediate or advanced a new email popped into my work inbox with details of an exercise challenge that is taking place company wide next week to mark the ‘summer of sport’. I registered straight away and will skip week 1 of the half training plan so I can rack up the miles and see where I sit on the company leader board. I am not quite sure how they are going to organise the results because it’s open to all forms of exercise, which means the cyclists will easily record the highest mileage. Hopefully there will be a league table to show where I sit in the runners…

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