Wednesday , April 17 2024

Olympathon Challenge :: Day 5

The last day of the work Olympathon challenge and there was only one way for me to get back into contention for individual honours and, more importantly, get my office location back into the top 3 based on average miles per person. Yes, I forgo taking the bike out for every ride and I hit the gym in the morning before work and then after work to get some serious cycling mileage onto my total.

I have come to love powering my bike along the Grand Union Canal footpath, churning the mud so I get home caked in several layers of dirt and then having to hose the bike down before heading inside to clean my legs off. However, the larger company offices were loaned some stationary exercise bikes for the week and the top riders had been racking up their miles without having to leave the office. I much prefer my excursions outside but in terms of  going for glory I just have not been able to compete. Until today.

Before work I went to the gym to clock some serious mileage without having to stop at traffic points, or dodge the geese & swans, or deal with a headwind (or any wind resistance for that matter). In the afternoon I did take the bike outside for the thrill of it but in the evening I was back in the gym again listening to some podcasts while my legs powered on.

I currently sit 3rd in the individual league table and our offices sits comfortably in 2nd place based on average miles per person. I expect to drop down the table a bit on Monday before the 10am deadline, as people log their Friday night miles, but I am hopeful that my office can get some team glory.

  • Miles run today: 0
  • Miles walked today: 0
  • Miles cycled today: 73.9
  • Olympathon total so far: 68.25 miles
  • Olympathon: 3rd.. for now anyway

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