Saturday , July 13 2024

Olympathon Challenge :: Day 4

Our tickets for the 2012 Olympics women’s football match between Japan and Sweden were waiting for us at the Royal Mail collection depot near Ealing Broadway so I took the bike out once more and completed a loop of various parks around Ealing, a quick stop to collect the tickets, and then home for the start of the work day. This gave me a healthy 8.46 miles onto my Olympathon total with a chance to ramp out some more miles on the bike later in the day.

I made it out to the Grand Union Canal again for another go at a loop down to the Brentford area although this time I resisted the pull of the longer trip to Richmond and back so clocked up 18.19 miles to add to my total.

  • Miles run today: 0
  • Miles walked today: 0
  • Miles cycled today: 26.65
  • Olympathon total so far: 68.25 miles
  • Olympathon: outside the top 10 once again :-(



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