Tuesday , June 18 2024

Olympathon Challenge :: Day 3

In the office today so it’s my second running day of the week and I admit to eyeing the clouds outside very carefully. There I was sitting in the meeting room idly gazing down at the guy mowing the lawn outside in the bright sunshine when suddenly ominous grey & black clouds appear overhead and the poor guy is now cutting the grass in the pouring rain. A few minutes later the sunshine is back and just as the poor bastard is drying out, back come the clouds of doom to piss down once again.

I was not looking forward to my run but the sun seemed to stay out for a while so I ventured out for the anti-clockwise loop of the Isle of Dogs. I jokingly told everyone that I would probably make it to 5k, the furthest point from the office, and then the heavens would open to drench me. I should have called up William Hill to see if they would take the bet because at 5k I had just joined back onto the Thames path when the sky opposite lit up with a flash of lightning with the obligatory smash of thunder a few seconds later. Part of me thought that I could outrun the storm (ha!) so I upped my pace only to be hit with the fury of it all just a few minutes later. I wasn’t the only muppet out running through the biblical nightmare and as I passed each runner going the opposite direction, we all made eye contact through the deluge and gave it each a smile and a nod to acknowledge just how crazy we all were.

  • Miles run today: 6.29
  • Miles walked today: 2.04
  • Miles cycled today: 0
  • Olympathon total so far: 41.6 miles
  • Olmpathon position: no idea because I forgot to check




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