Tuesday , June 18 2024

Olympathon Challenge :: Day 1

Today was day 1 out of 5 of the work Olmpathon challenge and the online exercise portal was brought online for everyone to start logging their miles. Unfortunately there is no classification for the exercise type so already the cyclists are well into the lead. On the positive side we have all been grouped into our respective office locations with a total mileage and average mileage so there is still scope to go head-to-head against my Brighton brethren.

I went out running to start with and completed my usual 10k loop around the Isle of Dogs. However, I noticed something strange with my Garmin and Nike+ as I ran through the Canary Wharf area. My Garmin built up a 0.5k distance lead over the report by the Nike+ on my iPod as I ran around the Thames Path but then suddenly my Garmin reported average pace dropped even though I knew I was keeping the same steady pace and then suddenly my Nike+ was reporting me ahead. I have seen reports of runners in the London Marathon reporting that their Garmin occasionally loses signal through Canary Wharf and checking back through my runs I can see this happens to me quite a lot. I always put my slower splits down to lost time waiting at pelican crossings but today I caught green men all the way through so now I know it’s not me tiring but instead my Garmin going haywire as the signal drops out.

I was thinking about a few sneaky miles on a bike back at the gym but it seems their equipment is on the cheap side and does not record mileage so I dropped that cunning plan. However, I did use my Garmin to calculate the distance for my walk to the DLR station and then from the tube station to my house and that was just over 1 mile so I was able to add 2 miles onto my overall figures for the day (walks count!). Tomorrow I am at home so will be taking the bike out!

  • Miles run today: 6.28
  • Miles walked today: 2.04
  • Miles cycled today: 0
  • Olympathon total so far: 8.32 miles
  • Olympathon position: 16th

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