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Juneathon 2012 – Day 6: Drenched

Ominous Clouds

The Son is off for the reminder of the week due to school half-term so we have him signed up for a half day session at one of the local kids holiday clubs with the remainder of the day spent with me at home while I am working. We have tried him being home for the whole day while I work upstairs but around lunch time he is usually bored so we now force him to get out of the house for at least half of the day. This arrangement works well for me as I can take an early lunch break for a good run.

Today I checked the weather forecast to see only sunshine poking out of clouds so out I headed in my light gunning gear with a smile on my face. After watching a kid training hill sprints yesterday, I planned a 10k route for today to include a few choice hills. Everything was going fine until I reached the foot of the first hill only for the heavens to open so I was soaked while powering my way uphill as fast as possible. I definitely received a few odd stares from the passing passengers on a bus.

It was only a short shower so with the sun shining once more I was running towards a local park and starting to dry off. Then more rain hit and this time it was solid for the last 4k of my run. It must have been especially hard because; a.) my glasses were covered and I could not clean them fast enough to see more than a metre in front of my; and b.) huge puddles appeared on the road and the passing trucks seemed to take huge delight in splashing as much water over me as possible.

I made a quick pit stop near home to buy a bottle of strawberry milkshake before sprinting the final 400m back to the front door. I was soaked to the bone and covered with dirt that had splashed up from the ground and from the trucks sending waves of water at me. I loved every minute of it though and thanks to the rain I ran that extra bit faster just to get home as quickly as possible. The forecast for tomorrow? Rain. Bring it on.

  • Exercise completed today: running
  • Distance run today: 6.95 miles
  • Distance run so far: 27.64 miles
  • Distance cycled so far: 7.26 miles
  • Weight change so far: -0.7kg

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