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Juneathon 2012 – Day 19: Brighton Rocks

Once a month we hold a team meeting in Brighton for everyone in our part of the business and so it was a fine sunny day that saw me buying my train ticket at London Victoria ready for my train down to Brighton. Unfortunately a somewhat distressed woman had other plans for my quiet start to the day as she ran over and tried to barge me out of the way so she could use the ticket machine. She was repeating over and over that her friend was already on board a train and that she needed to get her ticker so she could join said friend before the train departed. There was nothing she could do though because the machine was already in the process of printing my tickets, which took me some time to make her understand, and then I left her to it much to the chagrin of the people who had been queuing behind me.

The short walk from Brighton train station to our office passes the Sweatshop store where I always like to make a pit stop for a gander at the running gear. Today I wanted to make use of their summer sale, which they have been bombarding me with emails with for the past 7 days, and get myself a new pair of running shoes. My trusty Brooks GTS 12’s are losing their cushioning and when I checked back through the past few months of training and races, I realised that I was not far off the 500 mile usage mark.

It’s been a while since I had a gait analysis check done so I decided to let them have a go before making their recommendations on shoe types. Their system identified me as  having a mild overpronation, which matched the analysis of a different chain running store last year, so they brought out a few types for me to try on their treadmill. They did not have any GTS 12’s in stock but I was happy to try something new and settled on some Asics GT-2170’s (white version with bright orange laces). Sweatshop have teamed up with Footbalance to supply their custom insole product and, being a sucker for all things new, I had a pair made and bought the with the new shoes. I will be putting these babies to the test over the next few days.

With such a busy work day and full travel load plus helping The Son with a mountain of homework in the evening, I decided to make this a rest day from running. To keep my Juneathon exercise challenge going I tackled the one thing I do not do enough of: stretching. A good 20 minutes of stretching completed while The Son was reading his book before sleep time.

  • Exercise completed today: stretching
  • Distance run today: 0 miles
  • Distance run so far: 89.02 miles
  • Distance cycled so far: 7.26 miles
  • Weight change so far: -0.9kg

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