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Juneathon 2012 – Day 13: Bits & Pieces

Here are 10 bits & pieces of information about the past few days:

1. Today I ran a comfortably paced 11.23km around my ‘Gurnell Loop’ course in 1 hour 2 minutes and 59 seconds. This is 58 seconds faster than my best time of the same loop from last week and I was not pushing myself.

2. I reversed my car and hit an unattended car parked behind me causing some minor dents & scratches to the car I hit but no damage to my car. I have rear parking sensors that beep like crazy. I have a rear parking camera that shows what is behind me. I am a doofus.

3. I had raw fish on a bed of rice for lunch that I bought from the local Japanese convenience store. It was fantastic.

4. Last night I bought a brand new bright orange adidas climacool running top and wore it on my run today. I had one before that I loved to wear but put my name on the front with iron on letters for the Brighton Marathon and I am too embarrassed to wear it on my training runs.

5. The Son had his science fair at school today so I worked from home so I could go there during my lunch break. I really enjoyed his presentation on differing sound pitch created by glass bottles containing different amounts of water.

6. I did not tell my boss that I was working from home. That is the big advantage of your boss being based in an office 195 miles away and having software on your laptop that allows you to make calls and join online meetings as though you are in the office.

7. Mrs Dan is out tonight for dinner with a friend so I am home with The Son watching the football on TV. We probably would have had pizza delivered in the past but I am a healthy eater now.

8.  I am eating melon & grapes while I write this post.

9. Most of our 2012 Olympic tickets arrived today. Judo at the Excel Centre and then men’s football at Wembley the same night. We are now waiting on the tickets for the women’s football to watch Japan play in Coventry.

10. Tomorrow I plan to run a 10k(ish) loop of the Isle of Dogs during my lunch break. Then I plan to actually eat some lunch. Then I will be leaving early to be home for when The Son is brought home because Mrs Dan is out to dinner again with her girlfriends. Just don’t tell my boss…

  • Exercise completed today: running
  • Distance run today: 6.98 miles
  • Distance run so far: 69.52 miles
  • Distance cycled so far: 7.26 miles
  • Weight change so far: -0.3kg


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