When I first started running my footwear choice was based upon the non-scientific model of wearing an old pair of casual trainers that I did not really use any more. They served me well, amazingly, but eventually I began to read Runners World magazine and picked up some information on the importance of wearing the correct footwear and I bought myself some new running shoes. However, I choose to ignore the advice of getting my running gait analysed and instead bought some Nike Lunar Plus shoes just because I spotted them on sale in a high street sports store.

My training continued and I ran some more races and all was good with the world. I finally hit the point where my shoes were starting to feel a little worn so I decided to follow all the good advice available to me and I visited the London Marathon Store in Covent Garden where I went through the fancy process of running on a treadmill so that my gait could be analysed via a video camera. It turns that that I run with a mild over-pronation and the helpful sales assistant provided me with a bunch of brands to try out. I settled on some Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 shoes since I found them the most comfortable and had the same type of feel as my previous shoes.

This leads to the present day where I knew that a new pair of shoes were needed in time for me to correctly wear in for the Brighton Marathon so I stayed with the Brooks range and bought some GTS 12’s. I unashamedly loved my previous pair and these ones are even better: they fit like a glove, the heel has plenty of support, and I had zero problems from the first run onwards. I like my running shoes to be reasonably light but not too bouncy, which is a problem I had with the Saucony range when I tried them for a comparison. The Brooks range are clearly made to deal with all problems a runner might face and I cannot rate these any more highly.