I have an admission to make: I never check the weather forecast. In the same way that I would rather drive around lost for an hour then ask for directions or I would fight with a new TV rather than read the instructions first. Doesn’t everyone know about ‘man points’? I would be laughed all the way down to the shopping mall where I would have to sit and wait while Mrs Dan tries on a shop full of new dresses.

So Sunday rolled around and I was scheduled for a tasty 17 mile run in the afternoon only for the heavens to open as I was starting to change into my running kit and it then proceeded to rain and rain and rain for the rest of the day. My long run was shelved and I spent a few hours working at home in the hope that I could claw back some time to slip in a long lunch early in the week so that I could still make up for the lost run.

Any lessons to be learnt? Check the weather forecast? Noooooooooo!