Wednesday , June 19 2024

RunBreeze Socks

A week or so back I was wondering what to do now that Janathon was over and I posted a list of running related goods that I was eager to buy and evaluate / wear in ready for the Brighton marathon in April. Jamie at RunBreeze must be a huge fan of my blog ranked as a Jedi master in Google-fu and picked up on my post through some well defined keyword searches. He commented on my post and offered a promotional code that would cover the cost of a pair of their fine running socks so I could try them out and write about them on my site.

I took Jamie up on his fine offer and visited their site to order a pair of RunBreeze socks (the cushioning sock) using the code and to keep things fair I also paid for a pair as well (the anti-blister sock). Both promptly arrived and have been used for a run each and then put through a washing cycle. I am going to give both pairs another outing this week on my Tuesday and Wednesday runs and then give my thoughts and observations. I’ll also throw in my thoughts on the RunBreeze site and ordering / delivery process for good measure.

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