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Janathon 2012 – Day 31

Janathon 2012 – Day 31: final run and a reflection on Janathon.

The 31st day of my pledge to exercise and blog everyday in January as part of the Janathon collective and it’s been a tough interesting enjoyable challenging experience. Sticking to the exercise part was not that difficult, although I had to lower my expectations for a week thanks to suffering through a cold, but the trickiest part has been to blog about each day. I had expected the blogging to be the easiest part of the challenge and sticking to taking part of some sort of exercise relatively easy but I was wrong. So why was I so wrong?

I started off the month in Japan where I had plenty of time to go running or at least complete some leisurely walks when the family insisted on joining me. I could not run on the journey back to the UK but again I had plenty of time for stretching or walking and even the week+ of jet lag could not keep me down. I am running the Brighton Marathon in April so I begun to follow my training plan, headed back to karate training at the weekend, and used my ‘rest’ days for more low-key exercise. I had a blip through the week of my cold but even then I dutifully continued with some karate practice each day just to make sure that I carried the Janathon baton. I am looking forward to Juneathon and will I definitely pay more attention to the blogging side of things while also look to enter a race, which is something that I could not fit in for Janathon.

My final run of the month was a slightly boring outing at the treadmill during lunch for a scheduled 5 miles with speed work in the middle. I am not the greatest fan of the treadmill but I find speed work  a lot easier compared to running outside.

My Janathon stats:

  • 67.7 miles run across 12 hours
  • 3 miles walking over 1.2 hours
  • 5.8 hours karate training (cross training)


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  1. No question that the blogging is the hardest Janathon hurdle. Glad you kept pace, tho :-) Congratulations on completion!

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