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Janathon 2012 – Week 1

Janathon 2012

I am now one week into Janathon and it’s been a mixed bag so far but I am enjoying myself and it has spurred me on to exercise during the times when I just don’t really feel like it. I was browsing away looking for general information to include in my marathon training while on holiday and I saw the Janathon logo at JogBlog. A few quick clicks later and I managed to sign-up on the 31st December ready to get running and there was a nice fit for me personally since I had just brought my blog online and Janathon gave me the inspiration to get posting.

The one part I have particularly enjoyed has been the feeling of being part of a running community even though everyone started out as a stranger, at least to me anyway, and it’s been great to read through so many blogs. I found myself writing more and more about everything but the actual exercise and the more human side of all the blog entries have motived me to get out there running no matter what else is going on. There are now plenty of other running blogs that I read through on a daily basis and look forward to seeing how everyone is getting on with their own running and exercise goals.

The first week has seen me run four times, walk twice, tame lions, and get back into karate training; all done on multiple continents and, in the case of walking and stretching on a flight, across multiple time zones. I have been logging all my exercise at Running Free under the Janathon Group and the site send me the below handy summary for my first week on Janathon. I expect the time and distance to increase through the rest of the month as I begin my training plan in preparation for the Brighton marathon in April.
Last week I completed:





Run416.0 mi3:03:54
Walk22.2 mi0:55:00
Cross10.3 mi1:00:00
Total718.5 mi4:58:54

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