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Janathon 2012 – Day 7

Janathon 2012 – Day 7: sleep rotation, early bird shopping, karate changes, and The Son back to studying.

The jet lag monster has landed on the Running Dan dwelling and has us all in a big old bear hug. We all seem to be on different time zones now and generally there is always one of us taking a nap at any given time with a brief synchronisation in the evening when we all fall asleep for a while. On the plus side we were all up and awake at 5:30am so took the importunity to go grocery shopping when the supermarket opened at 6am. At one point I felt we had slipped into some sort of Zombie movie as both staff and shoppers alike were shuffling around the aisles. It turns out that a small bunch of dedicated shoppers hit the store at 6am each week on a Saturday and I hope that we never get to deal with this apocalyptic experience again.

I left Mrs Dan and The Son to nap away and broke out of the house to go karate training for the first time in 2012, which was also the first time for 4 weeks thanks to our extended break to Japan. There is always something weird about going back to training after a break and this was no exception as the karate gi felt strange, the warm-up felt strange, the stretching seemed strange, and I had really concentrate on what I was doing as I appeared to have forgotten everything I learnt over the past 4 years.

I had hoped for an easy introduction back to training but the instructor was having none of it and I was soon huffing and puffing around the dojo. I was also hit with the news that the grading syllabus had been changed so that my kata of choice (Jion) had been removed from the list of kata a grading student can choose to perform. It still appears in the list of examiner choice kata at the end of the exam, so I still have to be able to perform it, but it looks like I will be switching my attention to Jitte over the coming months. I was glad to see the session come to an end and my arms and upper body were quite sore at the end, all good signs that there was some good exercise over the hour.

I was debating whether to head out for the run later in the day but The Son returned back to the his 11+ preparation classes in the evening so I was back on driving duty and far too tired to drag myself out of the house again.

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