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Janathon 2012 – Day 22

Janathon 2012 – Day 22: sick? yes.

The cold continues to floor me and I stay in bed for most of the day. Again, my driving skills were required to take The Son to an extra 11+ class although thankfully it was only 45 minutes long so we were back home reasonably quickly. Mrs Dan took The Son out for the afternoon and evening so I could get some rest. Their plan was to visit book shops in central London but after eating dim sun in China Town for lunch they ended up taking a 2 hour bus tour of London alongside some tourists. This was the idea of The Son and apparently he really enjoyed learning some facts about historical London, so much so that they might return next week to visit a museum while I (hopefully) go on my Sunday long run.

My Janathon exercise consisted of 15 minutes kata practice before returning to the sofa and my pile of blankets.

  • Runs lost to illness today: 1
  • Distance lost to illness today: 9 miles
  • Runs lost to illness so far: 4
  • Distance lost to illness so far: 25 miles

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