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Janathon 2012 – Day 2

Monkey Business

Janathon 2012 – Day 2: Jungle drums, restless natives, monkey business, lion taming… and a (sort of) run!.

The household would wake early whether it wanted to or not thanks to The Son and his cousins beating the drum on the Wii playing Taiko no Tatsujin. I guess it was nice of them to play something less noisy at the start so the adults could get a little more sleep but those drums were not going to stay silent for long.

The children were soon restless and a good old fashioned game of hide & seek would not keep them amused for long so we all packed into the cars and headed to the nearby Tokiwa Park to check out the wildlife, sample the rides, and get some lunch. The park monkeys were jumping around and our little monkeys were running nearby causing their own type of havoc. Tickets were quickly purchased and the kids were soon rolling upside down, going up & down, and flying through the air on the rides. This gave me the first opportunity of the day to squeeze in some exercise as our little monkeys ran between rides and I was hot on their heels making sure that everyone was ok.

I had time to wrestle with a lion and ride it around the park much to the amusement of all the passing children and adults. They may laugh but I conquered this fearsome beast and saved the nearby children from a savage mauling.

Lion Taming

I had planned to head out in the evening for a run so I donned my running kit and high vis jacket in preparation only to find all the kids waiting to join me outside the house. So The Son, the cousins, and Mrs Dan accompanied me on a run-walk-run to the beach where we held competitions to skim stones, throw the stone the furthest, and hit the rocks with a stone. On the positive side everyone had a good time and some exercise although the run was not as far or fast as I wanted. Roll on another day and hopefully a better opportunity to run some quality miles.

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