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Janathon 2012 – Day 19

Janathon 2012 – Day 19: sniffling, sneezing, and coughing.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat, my nose running, and the onset of a sneezing fit. Bang goes my running today and the next few days it seems, just as I was getting into my stride and feeling good about my marathon training plan.

I was debating whether to call in sick and rest at home, just work from home, or brave the office when I realised that I had a morning meeting with UK based visitors from an extremely well know software company head-quartered in Redmond, Washington. I had left my work laptop in the office so working from home would have been a pain and I would not of been able to cancel in time to stop my visitors from travelling so I wrapped myself up with lots of layers and stuffed travel size tissues into my coat pocket.

It was a real crappy commute due to pouring rain that the wind blew in near horizontally where my umbrella offered very little protection (I have just realised that I left my umbrella drying in the office) and my trousers were soaked by the time I reached the sanctuary of the London underground. I must have looked a mess as I squeezed myself onto the train and subsequently sneezed and coughed my way along the Central line with a tissue permanently stuck to me nose. I apologise to anyone that I passed the cold onto today, sorry folks.

I somehow made it through the meeting and my guests were (thankfully) not offended as I declined the greeting handshakes while I explained that I was experiencing the onset of a cold. After the meeting I bought some lunch from the local salad bar then experienced another sneezing fit before deciding to head back home to work for the rest of the day (much to the joy of everyone else in the office).

I should have gone for an easy 6 mile easy run today but I will not be running anywhere for the next few days so I spent 15 minutes practising some new karate kata to make sure that I carry on with my Janathon pledge to complete some exercise each day.

  • Runs lost to illness today: 1
  • Distance lost to illness today: 6 miles
  • Runs lost to illness so far: 1
  • Distance lost to illness so far: 6 miles

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