Saturday , July 13 2024

Janathon 2012 – Day 18

I made it to the gym today following my travel nightmare yesterday and spent an hour and a bit on the treadmill. I had forgotten that one of the treadmills was out of action due to a fault but luckily there was a machine free even though I was there during peak hours.

Today was speed work so I started off with a 1 mile jog followed by 1 mile fast(ish) runs broken up for 400 metre walks in-between. Unfortunately I misread my training plan before I left for the gym so ran 4 x 1 mile fast rather than the 3 x 1 mile fast. I seem to have a bad habit of forgetting what I am meant to be doing so I will be downloading my plan onto my iPhone in future so that I check just before I start. I felt good though and thoroughly enjoyed my run, which was surprising since I generally get a bit bored if I have to run that kind of distance on a treadmill.

I now have runs scheduled for the next two days before a break for an hour of karate on Saturday. The whole Janathon plan is going quite well although I have to get my blogging brain into gear!

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