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Janathon 2012 – Day 13

Janathon 2012 – Day 13: the week endeth and a gentle run.

A long tired week comes to an end and with the sun shining I took the opportunity to run around part of the Isle of Dogs. I had no pressing meetings or obligations at work so it was great to have a gentle run outside and I was able to have a look around the area we used to live some 4-5 years ago. The most immediate change seemed to be a proliferation of Boris Bike terminals that I had not seen before although they were all vacant so did not look live as yet. It would be dead useful if they were to pop up a bit nearer my office so I could consider using them for the journey to Bank station.

The run itself went well although I noted that there were no other runners around, which was a little odd because the paths are usually teeming with runners during the lunch hours. Tomorrow is a rest day, in terms of running anyway, so I will be heading out to karate training in the morning.

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