No excuse for slacking as we move into 2012! I have signed up for Janathon 2012 and will be undertaking some sort of exercise and blogging about it every day in January. Good luck to everyone taking part.

Ideally I would like to run everyday but that will not be an option as I will be in Japan for the first week and time will be limited due to family commitments. However, I will have plenty of walks to log, some runs when I can, and access to a hotel pool on the last night of our stay. The flight back to the UK might hamper my ambitions a little, especially to blog, but Japanese airlines love to include a stretching session on the flight so I will have to make sure to take part.

Once I am firmly back in the UK then I will quickly launch myself into my marathon training, get the bike out of the garage for some general fitness rides, and get back into karate training.